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MPA ECP Virtual Quiz League 2021


The MPA ECP section organised a nationwide quiz pitting the different hospitals and universities against each other, with the following objectives:

  1. To build up knowledge of the postgraduate psychiatric syllabus
  2. To allow trainees from various healthcare providers round the country to network with each other
  3. To allow the Masters and MRCPsych trainees to build relationships and bridges amongst each other, and also to reduce loneliness and isolation in the midst of a global raging pandemic

It was conducted on Zoom and Google Meet featuring teams of 4 players playing against each other in round-robin format, then a series of knockout rooms, in homage to the concurrently running Euro 2020 competition.

A total of 30 teams joined this exciting tournament, playing 42 scintillating prelim round matches against each other that covered topics ranging from pharmacology, to geriatric psychiatry, to the history of medicine, all the way down to modern musicals. After the dust settled, 16 teams made it to the “octofinals”, with an even split between Masters and MRCPsych teams, and the surprise package of an undergraduate team from UMS, trashing team after team of postgraduate students!

As the rounds went by, questions got harder, and teams got better, with the final two semifinal matches being titanic battles worthy of the World Cup. As the curtain raises on the finals and 3/4th placing matches, which will be live telecast at the MCPM 2021, UMS’s gutsy undergraduates play the MRCPsych PB Dragons from Ipoh Hospital, while the 3/4th placing is an all-Masters affair between the UKM and UPM’s finest teams. Who will prevail in the grand final?