Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Here is a list of common questions that you may ask when meeting your doctor:

  1. What is the diagnosis?
  2. What treatment plan do you recommend?
  3. How long will the treatment take?
  4. When will we know it’s time to stop treatment?
  5. Will you or someone else conduct the treatment?
  6. If someone else, does that person work for you or would this be a referral?
  7. Will you supervise treatment?
  8. What are the alternative treatments?
  9. What are the benefits and the risks associated with the recommended treatment? with the alternative treatments?


If the patient is a child, you might also want to ask: –

  1. What role will parents play in treatment? our other children? other people?
  2. What if the child doesn’t want to participate in therapy?
  3. What else can I do to help my child?
  4. How often will you talk to me about my child’s progress?