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Early Career Psychiatrist


During a discussion at the International Mental Health Leadership Program some of the South Korean psychiatrists described to us how some of the long-term practices in psychiatry changed in their country. As in Japan, South Korea was largely dependent on large institutions and their patient stay was very long. A group of young psychiatrists then got together and through an association, changed the philosophy of psychiatric care to a more community approach. There were numerous hurdles in achieving this but as a team the obstacles were better managed. This motivated some of the participants to look at developing a similar grouping in their own host country.

In 2004, the Section on Young Psychiatrists was founded by Assoc. Prof. Stephen Jambunathan and Dr Philip George. The Young Psychiatrists Section is part of the MPA and follows its constitution and is regulated by the MPA committee.


Dr. Philip George

Founder, Section on Young Psychiatrists

Malaysian Psychiatric Association


  1. To link and form a grouping of young psychiatrists in Malaysia.
  2. To create and support developments in the provision of psychiatric services in Malaysia
  3. To develop skills among the members in clinical, social psychiatry and in the area of research.
  4. To decrease the isolation of young psychiatrists
    1.  To prepare the transition of young psychiatry trainees to professional practice
  5. To develop a culture of mentorship among young psychiatrists
  6. To be a platform for discussion of psychiatric delivery issues.
  7. To establish a network of psychiatrists working with psychiatric services in the region and internationally.
  8. To lobby for its members to be considered for attendance to Regional and International Conferences

Terms & Conditions for ECP Membership 

Any psychiatrist who has experience as a specialist for less than 5 years or aged less than 40 years old, whichever comes later.