Date: 05 March 2022

Greetings everyone!
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to our annual event. With the hardships faced in life and practice over the last few years, let us regroup for the advancement of the service and our brotherhood.

The MCPM will be in September! It will be a wonderful occasion to meet in a relaxed and informal gathering. We know it would be an occasion for everyone to reconnect and re-energize with the program planned by the committee.

Based on the feedback received last year we hope to incorporate several changes to the program. We will improve the quality of our plenary sessions, accommodating to the local scenario. We will boost our jam-packed symposiums making it exciting and not stressful attending a national conference.

Let us empower and energize all of you as we always do. We will provide the opportunity of sharing through the talks while maintaining the light-hearted banter moments among

Our theme for this year,

Look out for further information about the conference on the Malaysian Psychiatric Association website: or for other enquiries :

What does it mean? We want the esteemed speakers to make it spark in the vibrating environment the MCPM will provide.
We work hard to make it worthwhile for all you.

See you all there! So, book your dates …. NOW!
Dr Ahmad Rostam Md Zin
Scientific Committee