ECP President’s Message

ECP Current President’s Message

The journey towards becoming an established psychiatrist is long and arduous. The painstaking years learning to become a psychiatrist suddenly brings a person to the very beginning of a interesting career in psychiatry. Early career psychiatrist sits at this junction, being old enough to pass through tertiary education, but too young in the real world of psychiatry. 


Although this may be a critical moment in the careers of new psychiatrists, it also can be an important period for development and achievement. International efforts toward the consolidation of young psychiatrists’ networks worldwide have been helping ECPs reach their full potential, of which the foundation of the Early Career Psychiatrists Section within the WPA is an example. 


In Malaysia, we owe much gratitude to the seniors who came together and introduced the ECP chapter of MPA as it is today. Their efforts has provided new avenues for ECPs career development, and the nurturing of a new generation of future senior psychiatrists.Moving forward, ECP chapter also serves as an important bridge  fostering the interest and passion for psychiatry among current medical students.


Let us continue to learn and move forward together for the good of the nation.

Dr Al Zilal Bin Abdul Wahid