ECP President’s Message

SYP President’s Message – July 2010

Date: 22 July 2010

Section on Young Psychiatrist, Malaysian Psychiatric Association SaYaP MPA � The Wings of MPA

Two months ago I was in Japan, participating in a fellowship program for young psychiatrists, impressed and inspired by the activities of young psychiatrists there and all over the world. A month ago, a few hours before this section meeting I was contemplating whether I should attend the women chapter or the young psychiatrist chapter. But now, here I am, writing this �President’s Message� for the Section on Young Psychiatrist (SYP), Malaysia. It is a humble beginning for us. I would like to thank the founders of the SYP for taking the first big step in our anticipated long journey forward. My sincere gratefulness to all past presidents and their committee members, who had kept the section going despite many hurdles along the way. I truly appreciate the trust given by the members of SYP, who attended the section meeting in conjunction with the 12th MCPM, as they decided to provide me the opportunity to serve as the Chairperson for this term. It is an honour to me, and a large responsibility and �amanah� at the same time. I think I am willing to take the challenges with the support and commitment shown by the committee team members so far and hopefully by all members as well. I pray for His mercy and guidance to assist us with our mission. May we are on the right path in all our undertakings. I would like to think of SYP as the �SaYaP� of MPA. It has a very beautiful and significant meaning. In Malay language �sayap� means �wings�, hence the term would beautifully signify that young psychiatrists are the wings of MPA�! The wings that soaring it higher. With young energy and stamina. With passion and enthusiasm. Yes, it should be that way, and that way is what we want it to be. We want to make the organization as useful as possible to the members and to the society in return. We would like to attract many young psychiatrists and trainees so that the organization can be activated to its fullest. Being a young psychiatrist myself, one who is in the early career as a psychiatrist, I know it well and strongly believe that young psychiatrists have huge potentials, with willingness and eagerness to learn and participate as one of the players in the game rather than just simply the observers. However, as we are in the transition phase from �a trainee to a specialist� we do have our own needs and require our own space to grow. While we are in need of ongoing guidance and mentorship from our fellow senior colleagues, we are also in need of trust in an interdependent relationship. Naturally we want to get something from the organization to assist our growth, but in doing so we also have the potentials to give back simultaneously. It is my pleasure to welcome your participation and your brilliant ideas for the SYP. I believe that if we work together towards being better connected, through sharing of information, ideas and time, we can do a lot of great things. It can be achieved through SYP, as we can fly as high as we want if we know how to use our wings! Umi Adzlin Silim, MD, M.Med.(Psych) – July 2010