Dr Yen Teck Hoe – 30th December 2008: Happy New Year

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours my best wishes for this festive season and Happy New Year. It has been another progressive year for MPA and I wish to thank you all for your hard work, efforts and devotion to the field of psychiatry. I would also like to encourage you to submit your scientific papers to be published in MPA’s e-Journal. 

Please email them to editor@psychiatry-malaysia.org. Currently 2 papers are published each month as online early, and every 6 months, a full e-Journal containing 12 papers is produced and published in the e-Journal website www.ejournal.psychiatry-malaysia.org as well as in MPA’s official website www.psychiatry-malaysia.org. Please note that all online early papers and e-Journals are available for free for all MPA members in the e-Journal section in MPA website’s password protected member section. Papers that are submitted, but not approved by the Editorial Board for publishing in MPA’s e-Journal, might still be approved for publishing in the e-Bulletin section in the MPA’s website, so please don’t hesitate to submit all your papers and articles to MPA. 

I also encourage you to make use of MPA’s website to make announcements of upcoming events and other activities both for MPA members, the public and patients alike, or other relevant information you wish to share with the members and the community at large. Please email your information to info@psychiatry-malaysia.org. We look forward to hearing from you and let me again wish you and your loved ones a safe, successful and happy New Year 2009.


Best wishes, 

Dr Yen Teck Hoe 

President of Malaysian Psychiatric Association