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Malaysian Psychiatric Association Leadership Certification 2012

Date: 24 February 2012

The landscape of psychiatric services in Malaysia is in need of psychiatrists who are not only comprehensively equipped with excellent clinical skills, but at the same time with outstanding leadership and managerial skills. While most academic training and continuous medical education activities strive to achieve that first characteristic of that good psychiatrist; leadership & managerial training are now thought to be necessary, if not mandatory, in order to fulfill the criteria of a good psychiatrist in Malaysia. Malaysian Psychiatric Association is taking this initiative to develop a module and organize a structured course on leadership and managerial skills that will cater for the needs of Malaysian psychiatrists. The module will encompass the component of leadership, management & administrative, media skills, advocacy skills and work-life balance.


1. To produce psychiatrists as leaders of the organization with a clear vision of service development

2. To impart managerial skills for psychiatrists for effective & efficient management of the department

3. To train on important skills for advocacy & interaction with media

4. To ensure work-life balance among psychiatrists


1. Leadership Course

2. Management & Administrative Skills Course

3. Media skills Training

4. Social Advocacy Training

5. Work-Life Balance Program


1. All psychiatrists who are members of Malaysian Psychiatric Association (MPA)

2. All trainees/postgraduates in psychiatry


All 5 courses will be organized throughout the year. Collaboration with authorized organizers for relevant courses will be done to ensure quality of training. Participants are required to participate in all 5 courses to get a certification from Malaysian Psychiatric Association. Target participants are 20-30 psychiatrists. We may conduct the certification on an annual basis based on the feedback and demand from this first program.

For registration, please contact:

Dr. Rafidah Bahari Email:

Dr Rahima Dahlan Email:

Dr Umi Adzlin Silim Email:

Please download the Announcement below for further reading…

ANNOUNCEMENT_LEADERSHIP_CERT2012#latest20Feb2012.pdf (English - pdf)
JMHC_LMCpreC_2012-brochure.pdf (English - pdf)