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Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder

Effective treatment is readily available for social anxiety disorder. There are currently two modalities of treatment available, ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ and medication. Both are equally effective and can be instituted separately, or in combination. Cognitive behaviour therapy involves understanding the problem and developing coping strategies such as changing thinking patterns in social situations, using relaxation methods, and learning to gradually face previously feared situations.

Antidepressant medications are the most widely used medication to treat social anxiety disorder. Currently there is a wide array of antidepressant treatments available that are generally very safe to be used even on a long term basis. It is important to remember that social anxiety disorder is a medical condition like any other, and is not a reflection of a person’s personal weakness. With appropriate treatment, those afflicted with this disorder can readily lead a normal life.

Treatment of Anxiety DisordersThe treatment of the various forms of anxiety disorders varies according to the type of anxiety the person is suffering from.  The first step in treatment is to tailor the treatment plan to your condition.Your treating doctor will tailor a treatment plan that works for you. In general, behavioural modifications techniques, medications and psychotherapy  have been the most effective treatment.